Rubber Broom Set

Rubber Broom Set


Complete Rubber broom set, consisting of an indoor broom with a telescopic poledustpan with rubber strap made with thermoplastic rubber, and handheld rubber brush. Thanks to the exclusive shape of the rubber bristles, the broom is twice as effective as a traditional broom and can be easily washed with just water. 

  • 3x more effective rubber bristles 
  • Electrostatic rubber and the combination of bristles, it is 3 TIMES MORE EFFECTIVE than a traditional broom 
  • Washable broom 
  • Hygienic and easy to clean. Just pass it under running water to remove dirt 
  • Capture Hair 
  • Thanks to the electrostatic rubber it is possible to easily collect the hair of four-legged friends 
  • Versatile 
  • The broom is suitable for any type of surface; from carpets to parquet, from laminate to tiles 


Clean up anything from pet hair to dirt, glass, and debris with this Rubber Broom Set by Simply Natural. The rubber broom is designed to be pulled back (not pushed) on the carpet and tile floors. Keep the bristles vertical and flush against the surface and make short firm strokes. The soft flexible bristles do not scratch and you can use any cleaning agent. When using the rubber broom in wet applications, a back and forth scrubbing motion or circular motion will give the best results. After cleaning, flip the broom over and use the squeegee to dry.

Features and Benefits:

-Rubber bristles create an electrostatic charge, attracting pet hair, lint, and other debris.

-Great for all surfaces including carpet.

-Picks up the debris that falls into grout lines.

-Ideal for both Indoor and Outdoor cleaning.

-Handheld works well on clothing, furniture, and curtains.

-Handheld rubber brush snaps into dustpan for convenient storage, while the dustpan can be hung using the hole at the end of the handle.

-Bristles rinse clean with mild soapy water.

-Rubber broom flips over and works as a squeegee for windows and floors.

-Telescopic pole makes it easy to handle nearly any job and adjust to a comfortable height so that you are not bent over causing back pain.


Set includes Rubber Broom with a telescopic pole, handheld rubber brush, and dustpan.

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Black, Aqua, Red


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